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Exotic and yet quintissentially British,

We distill 3 types of roses:

Rosa Damascena

The most fragrant of our roses, Rosa Damascena is used in many countries that produce rose essential oil. it is perfect for all uses and particularly where fragrance and floral flavour are important.


Alba Maxima

If you prefer a gentler fragrance and flavour then this rosewater is for you.


Apothecary Rose or Rosa Gallica Officinalis

Dating back to the medieval period in Europe this rose was used by monks and apothecaries not only for enhancing skin but also as a remedy for numerous ailments. It is the perfect ingredient for lotions and potions for both the amateur DIY beauty enthusiast and the professional herbalist. "It exceed expectations - magical and potent" says Ayurvedic practitioner, Meena.


Recycling and recycled material and the minimal use of electricity are at the heart of all our processes.


In the field we use natural soil enhancers such as horse manure (thanks to Lancero, Apollo, Laddy etc.), eggshells (courtesy of our free ranging hens and ducks), banana skins and even old wool carpets to capitalise on the no dig method.


Our ingredients are 100% natural with any waste going to the compost heap.


The ingredient with the least environmental impact of all - time - allows our rosewater to mature in what seems to be a truly alchemical way.

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